Beaumont Law Firm is particularly well-suited to handle construction matters. Beaumont Law Firm serves our clients in the construction industry in a multitude of matters ranging from contract negotiations to the resolution of disputes involving all phases of the construction process. When construction projects or other guaranteed transactions develop into disputes, Beaumont Law Firm works with its clients to take charge at early negotiations and settlement meetings, deriving cost-effective, efficient solutions to the problems facing the contractor, subcontractor, and owner, as well as the principal, obligee, and surety within the realm of public works construction contract relationships.

Beaumont Law Firm provides solutions for all aspects of construction, including:
• Extra Work & Delay Claims
• Changed Conditions
• Construction Design Issues
• Prompt Payment
• Liquidated Damages
• Bidding Disputes & Protests
• Negotiating & Drafting Contracts
• Mechanic's Liens, Stop Notices & Surety Bonds

Civil Litigation
Beaumont Law Firm can promptly and professionally evaluate cases for their clients and recommend practical courses of action, whether settlement, arbitration, or trial. In addition to having proficiency in arbitration and trial, we are adept in handling a full range of personal and general commercial matters involving breach of contract actions, personal & business tort claims and Uniform Commercial Code issues.

Beaumont Law Firm provides solutions in all aspects of civil litigation, including:
• Business & Contract

• Real Estate
• Commercial / Residential Leases
• Construction
• Personal Injury
• Products Liability

Insurance Defense
Beaumont Law Firm has extensive experience in representing insurers. We strive to handle our cases in a thorough and responsive manner.

We handle various insurance defense matters, including:
• Construction Defect
• Personal Injury
• Transportation

Estate Planning
Beaumont Law Firm will assist you in various aspects of estate planning. Proper estate planning helps ensure that your property is distributed in the manner you intend, and that your interests, as well as those of your children are properly taken into consideration. It involves making arrangements for the most efficient and beneficial management and disposition of assets, both during life and after death.

Beaumont Law Firm provides solutions in all aspects of estate planning, including:
• Basic and Complex Estate Planning
• Preparation of Wills & Trusts
• Planning for Incapacity and Health Care
• Trust & Estate Administration